Daughters of Eve, You Get To Be Free!


I usually share this graphic at Christmastime (which you can buy here) however, I found it appropriate today as we reflect on the present reality of our Risen Lord. Here we see Eve being comforted by Mary (preggo with Jesus). This is such a powerful image. I especially love the fact that Mary is crushing the serpent with her feet.

Here stands Eve.


Feeling the sting of shame,
the costly burden of the fall.
Where sin is the chain and patriarchy is the ball.

Enter Mary.


Whose womb did contain,
the answer to sin, the cure for pain.
Baby boy, born to die.
Setting us free was His Holy design.

Today there are plenty of “daughters of Eve” downtrodden even in the wake of the resurrection. Jesus lived a life of radical humility. He challenged the status quo and went against the cultural grain. His life was spent on the least of these, the ones that the world loves to hate. Lifting the lowly from the mire and the muck is what He is famous for. His death broke the curse of sin and death which includes the curse of patriarchy over women.

It is so fitting that the first commissioning of the Risen Lord was to the women at the tomb to “Go and Tell”. How sad is it that our modern church culture would stifle those who he called. Even in 2016 there is work to be done that Jesus already paved a way for and obstacles to overcome that were already won by the victory of the Cross.

This Resurrection Sunday, let’s agree with Jesus that we ALL get to live free.

♥ MM

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